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Maxearn Limited upholds its commitment to our customers by strategically placing our outlets in convenient locations. We want our customers to be able to enjoy a true Korean meal without having to sacrifice time. Unlike the usual Korean restaurant, our company wanted to create a menu that was convenient for the everyday person. We pride ourselves in being able to serve fast food, while still maintaining the traditional Korean cuisine. To ensure this authenticity, we hire Korean chefs in our central kitchen to make sure that every dish that is served to you is reminiscent of a genuine Korean dish. Our hardworking chefs overview produced goods and special orders before they are sent to our outlets. We want customer to enjoy the meal, knowing that it is the taste of Korea.

To meet the demands of our customers, we have developed and created new and exciting Japanese brand called Oishi Don. This Japanese brand specializes in ready-to-eat bento, omelettes, fish cake and varieties of Japanese side dishes and salads. Maxearn Limited happily works to give customers a more than satisfying experience at each of our branches. In every bite and drink, we hope our customer can taste the quality of our effort.