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Brand Story


LEE FA: love-filled ready meals of Korean home cooking The story of LEE FA is that of a legacy filled with love. LEE FA's founder, Ms. Milie Kim is the daughter of the creator of Lee Fa Yuen, Hong Kong’s very first Korean restaurant. Ever since taking over the family business, Ms. Kim adopted the frenetic rhythm of all working moms. Time became increasingly scarce for her to prepare family dinner. One day while cooking for her son, Ms. Kim recalled how her mother used to take impeccable care of the family despite her hectic schedule as a restaurateur. Instantly, the daughter was inspired. She resolved to turn the legacy of family recipes she had inherited from her mother to an assortment of easy and delicious frozen ready meals. She named the brand LEE FA, and envisioned it to bring authentic Korean home cooking into the homes of busy Hong Kong people.

Star products of LEE FA include the line of Ms. Kim’s Recipes. These meals, made with supreme and healthy ingredients, follow closely Ms. Kim’s handed-down family recipes. They are also manufactured in HACCP certificated food factory in Hong Kong.

The brand’s other star Ms. Kim’s Exclusive is self-explanatory: these are flavoursome dishes made exclusively for Ms. Kim from Korea.

The range of Ms. Kim’s Choice has Ms. Kim’s fingerprints all over it; she herself sources intermittently all the local popular products from Korea to amaze our palates.

Thanks to the thoughtful culinary ideas and timeless life wisdom put into Lee Fa, we can now prepare mouth-watering Korean home food for our own family, with much ease and lots of fun!